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"Gazprom is in talks with
German partners now over thereevaluation of Yuzhno Russkoye reserves," a spokesman for thestate-owned Russian firm said in Moscow, declining to comment onthe level of the compensation sought.


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Since we added graduation
rate performance as a ranking factor for Regional Universities and Regional Colleges, the weights for the graduation rates themselves and retention rates dropped from 25 percent to 22.5 percent.


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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's suggestion that public housing
tenants should be fingerprinted in order to help keep criminals out of their buildings was met with criticism Tuesday from several candidates battling to succeed him at City Hall.


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Whether he's on stage or off, Justin Bieber is always putting on a show. The 19-year-old singer
flashed his abs -- much to the delight of Beliebers everywhere -- in an Instagram shot posted on July 1, 2013.


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